Dec 02, 2000


Soundcraft For New Leeds City Centre Live Venue

--A matching pair of Soundcraft sound reinforcement consoles have been ordered for the Millenium Square project in the centre of Leeds: Godalming-based installation company Sysco has specified a 40-channel Series FIVE and a 44-channel FIVE Monitor console for the Square, which can be converted into a temporary venue for events, promotions, entertainment and civic ceremonies.

The £12M project represents one of the most innovative city centre event spaces anywhere in Europe, forming a major part of the continued regeneration of this part of the city with its many historic buildings. It is the city’s first new public square in over 60 years, constructed to mark the millennium and surrounded by some of the city’s most important buildings. A £5.4 million grant from the Millennium Commission has made the project possible.

The Millenium Square covers a total area of 4,500 sq.m.; the temporary venue which will be constructed per event can hold 6,000 and will come complete with its own sound system and comprehensive backstage facilities. The Soundcraft Series FIVE FOH console will be sited in a two-tier mixer tower, with the FIVE Monitor and an Electrovoice X-Array PA system on the demountable stage structure. The Square also features a zoned voice evacuation system, with speakers mounted on lampposts.

Supplying the systems, Sysco (part of the Longcrest Group) is also responsible for installing and maintaining the Millenium Square PA system, which will be warehoused between events. The Square’s first major event will be on New Year’s Eve, a theatre musical called “When the Owl Flies”. Other events scheduled for Year 2001 include a number of shows staged in conjunction with BBC Music Live.

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