Feb 03, 2001

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Soundcraft Digital Flat Out With The Levellers

--The Levellers are using the Soundcraft 328 Digital console at Front-of House for their current tour of Europe. Coupled with a pair of 8-way (optional) Mic/line interface units, the 328 is capable of handling the entire house mix.

Tempted by the compact frame of today’s small format digital mixers, front-of-house engineer Mark Jones had been considering a digital mixer for some time. The decision was made when Jones was introduced to the 328’s user interface by PA company Tourtech.

“I had tried a couple of digital consoles from other manufacturers, and not been too impressed,“ he admits, ”but then someone recommended the 328 to me. It was very well laid out for live sound use”.

The user interface was to prove an important factor. Despite facing the challenge of mixing on a different hired rig almost every night, and having decided just two weeks before the tour to use the 328, the transition to digital has been a simple one.

“I’m not interested in whether the console I use is a computer or a normal analogue console,” Jones comments. “At the end of the day, it’s still sound that you’re mixing. It’s what feels comfortable to you that matters - the 328 is extremely easy to use.”

The additional bonuses of digital mixing have proved beneficial, as Jones uses the on-board Lexicon reverbs for vocals and the integrated compressors are patched over the guitars. Although the variation in rigs has made it hard for Jones to analyse critically the sound of the 328 in a known environment, he is pleased with the results so far:

“The EQ is great - really accurate, and the Mic Preamps are also good. Furthermore, I’ve found the desk quieter than an analogue equivalent.”

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