Mar 01, 2000


Soundcraft B800 Is Countrywide Choice For Rai

--Italy's state broadcaster RAI has purchased eight B800 fully-modular broadcast audio mixers from Soundcraft, for installation in Outside Broadcast Vehicles attached to RAI's regional TV stations throughout the country.

From Bologna to Bari, and including Rome, seven identical 56-input consoles are being used in RAI trucks which are effectively mobile control rooms, used for live transmission of a wide range of productions.

RAI was among the leading European broadcasters to offer design input to Soundcraft's development of the original specification of the B800. According to Marco Porro of Audio Equipment, Soundcraft's distributor in Italy, the B800 appeals to RAI with an unbeatable combination of features.

"This is an extremely compact console, " explained Porro, "which makes it ideal for installation inside an OB vehicle. There is cleanfeed on all channels; you can have the transformer on input and output; and there are plenty of busses. Also there is the option for customising the meter bridge, which is very popular."

In addition to the Outside Broadcast TV trucks, RAI has purchased a B800 for permanent installation in a radio news studio in Rome, and is also equipping a dedicated radio OB vehicle with a Soundcraft B400.

The B400, which is designed for Radio OnAir, Production and Outside Broadcast applications, is based around similar design concepts as the B800. Frame sizes from 24-56 modules are available, which can comprise almost any combination on Mono, Stereo and Stereo Telco modules. The B400 carries a host of enhanced features for the radio market including 1 Stereo and 3 mono aux busses, LED indicators on all switches and flexible cleanfeed facilities through direct outputs on all channels.

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