Nov 01, 2002

Product Info

Soundcraft Adds Bargraph Metering To MH4

--The highly acclaimed Soundcraft MH4 console now has an option for LED bargraph metering. The new meter bridge option has 16 LED meters that display all Auxiliary/Group outputs (particularly useful in a monitor situation to show all monitor send levels simultaneously) and can be switched to read matrix outputs. The Mix Left, Right and Centre outputs are shown on VU meters.

The MH4 has won many admirers for its easy-to-use multipurpose functionality, which makes it simple to configure the console for use of FOH or monitor duties, or as a single desk fulfilling both tasks.

Since its launch earlier this year, the Soundcraft MH4 has won many friends, including an appearance on two stages at the Montreux Jazz Festival, touring around Europe and on the recent series of Big Brother in the UK. The MH4 has also found favour in many large churches in the USA.

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