Oct 22, 2007

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Sir Elton John's Favourite Storys Tour Soundcraft Vi6™

--A south Wales band who only recently released their first album on their own label have completed a second successful UK tour supporting Sir Elton John. Playing prominent arenas and sports grounds in the UK, and in Europe, to crowds of up to 30,000. The Storys and their sound engineer Dale Hanson have been travelling with their own front-of-house desk, a Soundcraft Vi6™ digital live mixing console. According to Dale Hanson, The Storys’ FOH engineer, “the first time I got my hands on a Vi6 was at the O2 Arena’s club – Indigo2. That immediately made my mind up – we had to use one on tour!”

The Storys were opening the show, having been invited personally by Sir Elton to return to some of the country’s biggest outdoor stages on another UK tour, following success in 2006. “The band went down so well over the course of the shows last summer, I wanted more people to hear about them and so I asked them to play a few more dates with me,” said the Rocketman.

On the road for six weeks, the highly acclaimed six-piece band played ten venues. “And the Vi6 has performed perfectly throughout. No matter what conditions we performed in, including the Sor Arena in Norway where all the crews experienced problems with the continuous rain, the Vi6 never hesitated and gave us a perfect show every time,” says Dale Hanson. “As the support band, we often have to wait our place in the queue for sound checks, and that can mean limited time to get it all done. The Vi6’s simple, fast-to-operate, and easy-to-learn surface was perfectly suited - in fact I only had a short training session at the Soundcraft factory just before we left on tour and never once did I have to look at the manual, everything is laid out logically. meaning minimal searching for functions.”

“I particularly like the mic pre-amps, which meant I spent less time EQ’ing – I mainly used Hi- and Lo-pass filters. The auto-gain on the Compressors particularly helped me as The Storys are a real vocal harmony band and the desk kept the vocals clear at a controllable level. And the Vistonics control of the Lexicon FX was perfect, laid out like an analogue unit, great sound and very easy to use, no complicated pages to flick through and I really loved the tap delay.”

Since Dale and the Storys toured with the Soundcraft Vi6, Version 2.0 software has been released (for the Vi6 and Vi4) and previewed at the AES in NewYork, 5th October – the new functionality includes comprehensive Copy/Paste, Libraries and Master Linking.

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