Aug 01, 2002

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Singapore's New Arts Flagship Takes Digital Step With Soundcraft

--The new Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay complex, which will become Singapore's national arts centre, has chosen Soundcraft digital consoles for its most versatile performing spaces.

A 750-seat recital hall and a 220-seat black box theatre will host a constantly changing programme of events, which is intended to reflect the multi-cultural face of the arts in Singapore. Following the decision by the Esplanade's sound team, headed by Robin Shuttleworth, and their consultants, Theatre Projects, to offer a digital environment, the Soundcraft 324 Live desks have been specified.

"These consoles are going into very busy spaces," says Shuttleworth, "which may be asked to present up to 3 different shows in a day. In such theatres a programmable console gives us a clear benefit, being able to programme cues and recall them at the press of a button. We've ordered the extension interface for both desks, which allows us to increase the number of input channels if required.

"One of the main reasons for choosing this particular console was its ergonomics. The strip follows the layout of normal analogue consoles which makes it quite easy for non-digital users to mix on. And, of course, the fact that Soundcraft has such a long history of making good consoles for different live sound applications."

According to Kenny Wong, production manager for the Esplanade, "although we have not taken the leap to going fully digital in our large venues, we realise we will inevitably need to go digital in the future, so we are keeping a very close eye on live digital equipment, and have made provision for installing more digital equipment in our cabling infrastructure."

The Soundcraft consoles are being supplied to the Esplanade by Electronics and Engineering of Singapore.

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