Oct 02, 2001


Series 5 Turns The Tide For Ton & Lichttechnik

--Aachen-based Ton & Lichttechnik have been putting their recently-acquired Soundcraft Series 5 monitor board through a heavy work schedule.

With bands like Schiller, Blind Guardian, the German Slayer dates - and a rake of input-heavy industrials, rental company owner, Carsten Walter says he doesn't expect to see the desk back in the warehouse for the remainder of the year.

In fact the Series 5 has been performing so well that he is on the point of adding another to the company's hire stock as a replacement.

This is seen as a wholesale vote of confidence in Soundcraft from the production company, who were previously aligned to another premium mixer company. "But for the same price as an equivalent desk, with the Series 5 I can get a whole VCA board - which is very important for the type of work we do," rationalises Carsten.

The demand for Series 5 has been stimulated by current chart band Schiller, who are presently out with a 48-input desk and master matrix module. The band are running a high level combination of conventional floor monitors and a sophisticated in-ear set-up for which monitor engineer, Tobias Busskamp required a four in-ear stereo mix. The drummer requires a lot of boom, and uses a combination of personals and floor monitors - and in addition the band use a number of sub enclosures as stage infills. "With the extra feeds required for the subs and the conventional wedges it requires a lot of sends," notes Carsten. "Also the adjustable high cut is very important for the in-ears when you want to keep the sound clean from the cymbal noise - but you can cut that off with the Series 5."

He sees desks of the calibre of the Series 5 Monitor slowly gaining back market share for the British company in Germany, "The Series 5 comes with really good power supplies, and its rugged design is thoroughly road-proof and professional.

"I would use this above almost any other board for monitoring. Some of the gimmicks are especially nice - for example the intercom with the FOH desk. You can plug a ClearCom filter into the monitor board and the board just flashes if someone is pressing the 'Call' button.

Gradually, monitor engineers are switching loyalty from the erstwhile favourite desks. One of these is Achim Zell, monitor man for both Blind Guardian and Ramstein, who has now insisted on touring with the Series 5.

"Monitor engineers are normally conservative - but everyone we have persuaded to try the Series 5 seems very satisfied with the board," says Carsten.

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