Apr 28, 2009

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Scala London upgrades with Soundcraft MH3

--Landmark London venue The Scala, has upgraded its front-of-house console— replacing its old mixing desk with a new 32-channel Soundcraft MH3 analogue, multi-mode console.

The board was specified by the venue’s experienced head of sound, George Gregori, on recommendation from Soundcraft dealer, Pete Brotzman of Crystal Pro Audio, who provided the venue with much of its audio support.

The desk is also used by day to run live sound training courses run by Gregori for his company Live Sound Courses ( . With many alumni having progressed to great achievements in the professional world of live sound mixing, he believes that the physicality of the analogue surface is much more forgiving than the digital equivalents.

“The MH3 is perfect for our needs — unlike our previous desk which was being repaired so often that it became uneconomical to maintain,” observes Gregori.

The acquisition comes exactly a year after the 800-capacity converted cinema upgraded its sound reinforcement system; the head of sound says the new desk, with its sophisticated feature-set, has injected it with a new vitality.

Gregori says he never considered anything than a Soundcraft analogue desk. “We constantly get production riders stating ‘No digital desks at any cost’”, he notes. “Soundcraft is a familiar surface for incoming sound engineers, and matching the price of this robust desk with the facilities on board made the decision a no brainer.

“Also, being a dual-mode desk incoming productions are able to use the MH3 in monitor mode if they need to. mThe MH3 gives us eight VCA’s, a great sounding mic pre and a big EQ section — with two parametric mid sections and sweepable high and low sections — at a great price. These facilities make it the perfect tool for training students,” he says.

Finally, he notes that the MH3 also provides four additional stereo channels and has eight stereo returns — features with which he is hugely impressed.

Pete Brotzman added, “Looking at what the Scala had before, the MH3 was the only way to go. It’s the ideal pro desk at this price point, with a great mic pre and front end. It’s no wonder we sell so many into this type of application.”

Soundcraft is distributed in the UK and Eire by Sound Technology Ltd.

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