Oct 24, 2007



--Winkler Veranstaltungstechnik AG, Switzerland's leading provider of event services, has upgraded its audio control facilities with the addition of two Soundcraft Vi6™ digital consoles. This gives Winkler an industry-leading advantage, as the first rental company in Switzerland to offer the new Vi Series technology.

Providing technical services across the whole spectrum of event technology, from stage construction and rigging, to video, lighting and audio, Winkler handles around 3000 events a year and has an impressive 18-year track record. From its substantial premises just outside Zurich, Winkler's distinctive yellow and black trucks roam all over Europe for their clients, servicing projects that include trade fairs, live music touring, theatre, national and regional festivals, and corporate events.

Winkler already carries a wide selection of audio mixing consoles in its inventory, but the company was keen to be the first rental service in Switzerland to offer the new Soundcraft digital technology. Says Aschi Portmann, Winkler's head of disposal (hardware), "we see these consoles giving us a unique advantage over our European competitors. Having the new two Vi6 desks will make our audio presentations stand out from the crowd. In the background of the Soundcraft Vi6 console is Studer's console engineering, so we get two good brands for the price of one."

Winkler has ordered a pair of Vi6 mixers with the express intention of using them on the same shows in front-of-house and monitoring applications. "It forms a very simple system, with easy connectivity via fibre optic links to the racks. And, with such a small footprint, representing a cost saving on transport, these consoles are perfect for the industrial projects that we do."

The Vi6 consoles have been supplied by Swiss distribution company Dr. W.A Günther Audio Systems. Winkler has been conducting an extensive training programme for its permanent and freelance engineering staff before sending the new digital formats out on the road. "Speaking personally, I find the Vi6 extremely clear and easy to use," says Portmann, “however, we have more than 30 audio engineers who might be using the consoles and they must all meet our rigorous standards of operational training.”

Winkler Veranstaltungstechnik AG

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