Aug 29, 2007

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--Showproduction, the Austrian-based technical service provider, has celebrated its tenth birthday with the purchase of a Soundcraft Vi6™ digital console, for use on the recent Christina Stürmer Lebe Lauter 2007 tour of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Northern Italy.

Set up by Jack Langer, the company, which not only offers a range of professional technology for events, film and music production on any scale, but also consulting, has been using Soundcraft consoles since 2002, when it purchased a 48-channel MH3 dual mode modular mixer in view of its exceptional price/performance ratio.

Showproduction has been working with Christina Stürmer since 2003 — the year she finished runner-up in Starmania (a Pop Idol-style reality TV show). With this year’s 28-date tour upcoming they contacted Soundcraft’s Austrian distributors Kain Audio, to audition the new Vi6 — knowing that being based on the Vistonics™ platform, the user interface would allow intuitive operation of the desk. The Vi6 embraces Lexicon FX and BSS Audio 30-band EQ and is supported by a local rack that houses the SCore Live processing engine, and a stage box that connects to the local rack via CAT5/7 cable.

These features — along with touch-screen colour monitor with integral rotary controls — were so attractive to both FOH engineer Roman Jagl (FOH) and monitor man Gerry Wimmer that after Showproduction had purchased the first Vi6, a second digital system was requisitioned.

The sound engineers particularly liked the sound of the desk, as well as its flexibility, ease of use and its “live desk feeling”.

Jack Langer adds, “Both men said that it provided a cleaner and more transparent sound, and for 64 channels it offered a very small footprint, and was easy to use and understand. They liked the fact that they could see all the information on 32 channels.”

In recent years, Christina Stürmer has become a hugely popular artiste in the German speaking countries with several chart-topping hits, while she has received the prestigious Amadeus Austrian Music Award on a number of occasions.

While her theatre shows were performed before audiences of up to 2,500 people, during the Austrian Festival season crowds of between 5,000 and 10,000 flocked to hear her.

With the confidence of a man who can claim that more than 90% of his clients return to Showproduction time after time, Jack Langer says that while the Vi6’s next tour of duty will be as the main console at The Burg Clam Festival and Clam Concerts’ The Last Day Out Festival in Oberösterreich, he expects the desk to really come into its own supporting next year’s summer season.

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