Jan 05, 2007



--Soundcraft's Vi6™ digital audio console has found acceptance at the very heart of European dramatic theatre, installed at the distinguished Nationaltheatret in Oslo, popularly thought of as the spiritual home of Norway's most famous playwright Henrik Ibsen.

Soundcraft's Norwegian distributors LydRommet AS secured the prestigious order through quick reactions. When the Theatre's existing digital console failed, spectacularly taking out all the HF drivers on the house PA system, LydRommet's Espen Andersen was able to supply the 32-fader Soundcraft Vi6 within days, according to sound engineer Roy Knudsen.

"LydRommet brought in their demo console on Friday, we had preparation time on Monday, we soundchecked on Tuesday. We exchanged the demo desk for our permanent new Vi6 on Wednesday and started rehearsals that very day."

The six-man sound team at the Nationaltheatret was already familiar with the Soundcraft Vi6, and had long admired Studer's Vista console designs. (The Norwegian Theatre, also in Oslo, has a Studer Vista 7.)

"The Vi6 is the mixer we need here in this house," says Knudsen emphatically. "Only the Vi6 can offer this quality of sound with such a user interface. It's very easy for us to hear the difference from our last front-of-house console, and, for those facing the Vistonics™ operating system every day, working with the touch screens is very agreeable." The Vistonics II™ user interface was co-developed with Studer, Soundcraft’s sister company in the Harman Pro Group.

The Nationaltheatre, which has just celebrated its centenary, seats around 800. It is a regular host of touring theatre companies, which bring their Ibsen productions from all over the world, especially for the annual Ibsen festival. Knudsen is confident that visiting sound engineers will quickly acclimatise to the Soundcraft Vi6™, with its remarkably user-friendly interface. "Here at the Nationaltheatret, we completed the training on the same day as the installation," says Espen Andersen. "I am amazed at how easy it is to master. How many digital consoles could you learn to operate in less than one day?"

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