Nov 24, 2005

Music Venues


--Soundcraft found themselves up in court this month — and all for trying to help the BBC’s Children in Need fundraiser.

It came about when Michelle Brinkley from Hertfordshire Coroner’s Office sent out an APB for help and told Soundcraft that the local Coroner’s unit were putting together a band — fittingly calling itself the Deathwatch Beetles — and needed auxiliary sound equipment.

Soundcraft quickly came to the rescue, supplying one of the company’s popular GigRac 600 fully-featured eight channel amp mixers, and six AKG D880 mics to allow the Beetles to crawl out of the woodwork.

Soundcraft supported the band through their rehearsals — which took place inside the Hatfield Coroner’s Court — before the main fund-raising event, organised by Hertfordshire Police Officers at nearby Stanborough School.

Spurred on by a mention on Terry Wogan’s radio show, (which resulted in a Good Luck card from Mark Knopfler), and led by semi-pro musician (and manager of Hertfordshire Coroner’s Unit), Steve Charteris, the group’s 25 minute choregraphed set included ’60s and ’70’s standards like Mustang Sally, Hard Day’s Night, Eight Days a Week and We Will Rock You plus the highlight — a specially written theme song Grim Reaper, Leave Our Folks Alone (based on Pink Floyd’s The Wall).

Said Keith Watson of Soundcraft, “We were delighted to have helped out. We couldn’t have sat back and seen the Coroners’ debut concert die an accidental death.”

The sale of special T-shirts boosted the group’s fund raising activities — which raised nearly £2,500. Also lending his weight to the cause was Her Majesty’s Coroner for Hertfordshire, Edward Thomas who recorded an ‘open your pockets’ verdict.

However if the Deathwatch Beetles thought this would be a once in a lifetime performance they had another think coming — as they have already been offered a follow-up gig during the Christmas period, which will raise further funds.

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