Oct 03, 2005



--Austin, Texas-based based SR provider Big House Sound has augmented its stock of Soundcraft consoles with the addition of a 40-channel MH3 and two new 32-channel GB8’s.

Aside from already owning a Soundcraft Series FIVE:56, SM20:48 and another MH3:40, the company has, in recent years, also been responsible for putting Soundcraft consoles into several of the city's best known live music clubs, including a Series TWO at Stubb's and a Series FOUR at La Zona Rosa.

According to Rod Nielsen, president and co-owner of Big House Sound, the first outing for the MH3 and one of the GB8’s was the 'Shiner BASH' in Dallas featuring Dwight Yoakam, Aaron Tippin, Chris Cagle and Darryl Lee Rush.

“When Spoetzl Brewery originally booked the concert with us, it was supposed to be a much smaller event with lesser-known acts and a smaller crowd. Under normal circumstances we would have chosen to use our Series FIVE and SM20. But even though we asked a lot out of our MH3 and GB8, they did really well. We ran eight monitor mixes off the GB8 and did more of a festival-type set-up on the MH3 and everyone was happy.”

The fact that Big House Sound’s new MH3 is the company’s second shows the extent to which Nielsen and his partner, Roy Kircher, were satisfied with their initial purchase. “Our first MH3 has been really solid, quiet, and done what it’s supposed to do, so we’ve obviously been very happy with it,” says Nielsen. “But it wasn’t just us that liked it. A lot of engineers have repeatedly asked for it back — some of them surprisingly even requesting it over the Series FIVE. Many people have been really impressed with how that particular desk sounds.”

As for the GB8’s, those were purchased to meet the requirements of smaller yet not significantly less demanding productions. “Most of the shows we handle are pretty large,” Nielsen adds, “but we still needed a few desks that were both well equipped and small and light enough to fit into some of the theatres and ballrooms that don't want to see much gear. The GB8’s were ideal for that.”

And as they did on the Shiner BASH, they can use them as monitor desks to accompany the larger MH3s, or use one GB8 for front-of-house and another on monitors. “Depending on what the concert promoters are requesting, the dual-mode capabilities of these boards allow them to be extremely versatile, which we certainly appreciate.”

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