Oct 09, 2003

Music Venues


--Artists playing live at Sound Control’s new flagship venue — situated in the basement of the Virgin Megastore in London’s Oxford Street — will have their sound mixed by a fully-featured Soundcraft MH4 multifunction desk. The first use of the new venue was for the launch of Dido’s new album Life For Rent at the end of September.

Soundcraft UK Sales Manager (North), James Baker, has long enjoyed a close relationship with the Scottish-based music chain and was quick off the mark when he learned about the ambitious plan to develop the Megastore’s famous Live Stage and incorporate it as a key feature of the Sound Control London experience.

Sensing that some huge bands were lined up to play weekly gigs he immediately proposed installing Sound Control’s flagship store with a flagship mixing console.

“I looked closely at the type of desks other bands had been bringing in — some didn’t have all the the busses and VCA’s. We could easily have provided a Series TWO but decided to go for overkill.”

The 48-channel board includes eight matrixes and 16 output busses. The MH4 has been designed to be used for FOH, Stage Monitors, or Monitors from FOH, with a brand new bussing system that gives maximum flexibility.

Soundcraft have also provided a highly-specified BSS external processing rack — giving customers an idea of some of the products they should be aspiring to. This includes a pair of FCS-966 graphic equalisers, two DPR-504 quad noise gates, a DPR 404 quad compressor and a DPR-402 dual compressor.

James Baker believes this will be a great opportunity for upselling. “With the BSS brand getting good profile in the house rack, this will hopefully help Sound Control to sell higher-end processing devices,” he says.

The Dido show was the first of several showcases planned by Sound Control to inaugurate the partnership between the two music retail giants, and to launch a flagship operation made possible by a new injection of capital into the company.

With their first store in the South East, the Scottish-based company now boasts 12 modern superstores from Dundee to London, making Sound Control the first and only UK-wide national chain of music stores. And they see the alliance with Virgin Megastores bearing fruit well outside London as the remodelling exercise continues.

In addition to featuring some of the world’s greatest bands, the new superstore, which will be open seven days a week, will also contain the largest guitar wall in the country and massive range of stock from all of the major brands. A Costa Coffee café is also situated within the basement area.

Scheduled for opening in mid-October, Sound Control London will be running a series of open days (*) covering all fields of musicianship and some major manufacturers demoing the latest gear in-store.

The Soundcraft Group Incorporating Soundcraft, BSS Audio and AMEK, The Soundcraft Group stands as a symbol for excellence in British manufactured professional audio. A subsidiary of the Harman Pro Group, which includes consolidated brands such as JBL, dbx and Crown, the Hertfordshire-based collective provides mission-critical solutions across the full range of professional audio requirements … in broadcast and recording studios, industrial and commercial installations and high-end concert touring.

Soundcraft, the live-to-broadcast audio mixing console manufacturer, celebrates its 30th birthday this year, while BSS Audio, industry leaders in digital signal processing equipment, celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Pic: Left to right: Sound Control director, Ray Miller; Sound Control head of pro audio, Mick Hughes; Soundcraft UK sales manager (North) James, Baker; Sound Control store manager, Gary Seeney

(*) Sound Control Launch Week
Sat, October 18 - Rock ’n’ Roll Day
Sun, October 19 - Hi-Tech and DJ Day
Wed, October 22 - Pro-Audio Professional Day

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