Aug 02, 2006

Music Venues


--As a live music venue‚ Stuttgart’s Die Röhre has been packing in the crowds since 1985. In 1993 Jan Drusche and Peter Reinhardt, along with Nanno Smeets, took over the running of what has now become one of the longest-standing clubs in Germany. Today it boasts around 100 concerts annually, and is the most active music club in Stuttgart.

Originally fitted with a Soundcraft Series 600 32/2/8, the club — which operates on three floors — has now been updated with a 40-channel version of a Soundcraft MH2.

“The MH2, with its four stereo channels and 40 mono channels, eight VCA subgroups and the highly impressive 4-band equaliser with semi parametric filters, 10 auxiliary sends and six mute groups, meets our requirements perfectly,” states Jan Drusche. “We have not been able to find a product with these qualities for a similar price on the market.”

He adds that for a club such as Die Röhre, with a capacity of 500 people, the Soundcraft MH2 is the perfect solution. “It can comfortably meet all the requirements of the bands, while allowing us the option to run the monitor system — thanks to the 10 Aux. sends we can drive the monitor mix from the front.”

The Soundcraft MH2 mixing desk ensures that all requirements of the bands are fulfilled while offering flexibility and superior sound quality.

The desk, which is complemented by a Soundcraft GB4 32+2, with its dual-mode topology, at the monitor end, was supplied by klangdesign GmbH of Stuttgart.

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