Dec 12, 2006

Music Venues


--Newly open for business in the town of Brescia, just an hour from Milan, La Nave di Harlock is a houseful of creative musical opportunity that defies description. Recording studio, video editing facilities, gelateria, restaurant, live music venue, even an ice rink, the Harlock declares its serious business intentions through the highest standard of professional audio equipment. Owner Gianluca Renna has just opened a restaurant and live music venue at the Harlock, which has been equipped with a JBL PA system, Crown amplifiers, and a Soundcraft GB8 for front-of-house audio control. The venue is hosting live music four nights a week, and plans are in place to double its capacity by utilising the upper floor, which has a gallery overlooking the stage.

Renna already operates a tour sound rental company, which carries JBL Vertec line array in its inventory. A true Renaissance man, Renna's businesses also include a promotion company, running its own festivals and gigs, a commercial graphic design and printing company, producing flyers and programmes for the festivals and gigs, a record label and recording studio. Having acquired and converted a 19th century mansion on the edge of a park in Brescian, he is now consolidating all his creative business interests there.

La Nave di Harlock (or, The Ship of Harlock) restaurant accommodates up to 60 diners, but, as a live performance venue, can admit 200. All sound reinforcement equipment for the club was provided by Audio Equipment s.r.l., whose engineers also conceived the sound system design, which is a veritable showcase of Harman professional audio products.

At the front of the system is a 40-channel GB8, one of Soundcraft's most popular analogue mixers, situated on a mezzanine floor just above the bar. This controls a powerful JBL sound reinforcement system comprising AM6215s, with ASB6218V subs, for on-stage PA. 16 x Control 29AV small trapezoidal enclosures are ceiling-mounted throughout the venue as audience fills, with Control SB210s for subbass support. The stage monitor system is JBL's SRX712M 12" wedges, mixed from the Soundcraft GB8 at front-of-house.

All amplification is Crown I-Tech and XTi Series. The system uses a rackful of Lexicon and dbx processing, and all stage microphones are by AKG.

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