Jan 25, 2006

Music Venues


--Soundcraft consoles have been providing the mixing hub of a number of new entertainment venues in Moscow (and the outlying areas) over the past few months.

They form part of Harman Pro entertainment packages provided by distributors, Mega Music.

One of these is Terminal — the best discotheque in the region of Cherepovetz (which has a population of 320,000 people). Mega Music installed all the audio and lighting equipment, incorporating a BSS FDS-366 Omnidrive Compact Plus to process a loudspeaker system consisting of six JBL ASB6128 and eight ASB6212 enclosures, powered by Crown CTs amplification.

With the provision of a Soundcraft GB4 mixing console, the installation provides the venue with greater versatility, since it can now operate with a live stage.

In Moscow itself, Asia Casino is providing to be one of the best high-end casinos in the Russian capital. This newly-built venue boasts a luxurious oriental-style interior, with an audio system installed by Senzar, Mega Music's long time partner.

Mega Music supplied JBL, Soundcraft, BSS and Crown equipment and undertook all the programming and set-up of the BSS Soundweb DSP networking. All halls are equipped with JBL Control 25 speakers (60 in total) and six SB-2 subwoofers for background music and speech amplification. The Soundcraft mixing desk chosen by Mega Music was a k2.

A second phase will follow in the spring of 2006, when a live music stage will be opened in the casino.

Another Moscow casino (Crystall) is now the proud owner of a CobraNet network — thanks to the provision of a BSS Soundweb London and Crown CTs amplification, fitted with a USP3/CN — a 3rd generation DSP-based PIP input module. The new sound processing was integrated with the existing acoustic system.

Elsewhere, Mega Music’s Evgeni Ilnitsky reports that a Soundcraft GB8 is at the centre of an installation package at the Sports & Entertainment Complex in Ekaterinburg, the Ural capital. Crown amplification has again been selected to power a JBL system built around 20 x VT4887, six VT4880 and three SRX712M monitor speakers.

The Rover dance club at Gostinny Dvor (in the centre of Moscow) is another venue to have a major JBL installation, using multiples of AM6212/64 ASB6128, EON15G2, Control 28, Control 26CT, Control 126W, Control 29 and Control SB210. The system is powered by Crown XS and CTs amplification and processed by BSS Soundweb London and FDS366 Omnidrive Compact Plus.

Finally, Mega Music have equipped the Titanic entertainment centre in Moscow’s Veypark with a new sound system constructed around 28 x JBL Control 23’s, 30 x Control 24CT, 16 x Control 26CT, eight MP418SP and eight MP412.

The system is powered by Crown CTs amplification and the sound is mixed on an FX16, Soundcraft’s flexible 4-buss mixer.

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