Nov 07, 2006

Music Venues


--In Holland, the club Paard van Troje in Den Haag has just taken delivery of two new Soundcraft analogue mixing consoles for the smaller of its two venues. Although nominally a pop venue, the club's sound engineer Peter Kerkvliet explains that "our productions vary from hardcore, punk, metal, reggae, hiphop, singer-songwriter, americana to multimedia, presentations, debates, standup-comedy, theatre, lectures and so on. About 50 % of our activities are dance events."

With such a variety of presentation, one of the main reasons for his choice of Soundcraft MH3 and MH2 consoles was their versatility. "Often we do monitor-mixing from the front of house position, or FOH-mixing from the monitor position. Because of the dual-purpose set-up possible with both the MH2 and MH3, we have the option to swap desks. In most cases, the MH3 is used out front because of its more sophisticated EQ."

Kerkvliet considers the MH Series consoles to be extremely good value for money. "They are internationally accepted by artists and engineers coming from abroad, and they still have the sound and feel that the Soundcraft brand is famous for."

Both desks are 32+4 channel configuration, which is sufficient for most of Paard's production, and have an agreeably small footprint for this small, 300-capacity club.

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