Jan 05, 2007

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In just over two years, out of a huge abandoned industrial area that for many decades was occupied by a refinery, Fiera Milano has built a totally avant-garde exhibition complex that combines record-breaking dimensions and exceptionally flexible use with the highest technological equipment standards.

With its 345,000 gross square metres of undercover exhibition area (plus 60 thousand square metres outdoors), 8 huge halls almost totally free of columns, 74 conference rooms, 84 refreshment spots, and parking for 10,000 vehicles plus another 10,000 planned, the new Fiera Milano is the largest complex in Europe and sets a new world standard for the exhibition sector.

A nucleus of 9 conference rooms make up the Stella Polare Conference Center, together with the newly-opened Auditorium, designed by the architect Alessandro Speroni. The beating heart of the Fiera Milano, this lavishly appointed shell-shaped space provides definitive audio technology management, from local control of all audio variables by a 40-channel Soundcraft MH3 audio console to full network control of the Conference Centre's audio facilites via BSS Audio™ Prosys™ PS-8810CN DSP system with CobraNet™.

The strong point of the Fiera Milano Auditorium is its extraordinary versatility. Depending on requirements, it can be used as a congress hall (seating 1,000, 750, or 350), or to show films, thanks to a Dolby Cinema sound system and a disappearing 45 m2 screen; an auditorium for classical music concerts or theatre; a unique and large space for events, fashion shows, or gala dinners, accommodated by moving the seats, which are all removable, or a stage for fashion shows.

The theatre is elegantly furnished with 1,008 leather seats in a specially created shade of green, with solid oak flooring, walls, ceilings and stage. The room is totally soundproof with exceptional acoustics, designed by consultants Müller-BBM from Munich. Via the BSS Audio network, it is serviced by seven simultaneous translation booths, and an audiovisual editing booth equipped for postproduction from which it is possible to send live broadcast feeds.

In the Auditorium's sizeable control room, a Soundcraft MH3 console is used to manage live audio requirements. Configured with 40 channels and redundant power supply, the desk is large enough to handle live music concerts as well as corporate presentations. All 40 inputs are split by a BSS MSR-604II 4-channel active splitter.

The Stella Polare Center uses BSS ProSys PS-8810CN devices to network the different conference rooms, their control rooms and translation booths, together with the Auditorium and its seven on-site translation booths. Simple control via PC allows the Auditorium to link with all nine conference rooms, which are located about 1 kilometre away, connected by fibreoptic and CAT6 cables. The network extends up several floors of the Fiera Milano building, to the office of the Technological Systems Manager, who can sit at his desk and mix a show in the Auditorium! "Our goal is total connectivity," he says.

In the Auditorium control room are two BSS Audio Soundweb™ London BLU-80 devices. Configured with 8 inputs and 8 outputs to handle the Dolby system for the Auditorium's cinema application, the Soundweb also interfaces the Soundcraft MH3 to the Crown amplifiers, which power a JBL surround-sound system. With one click on the PC, the Soundweb can configure the Auditorium's facilities to cinema mode, or as a lecture hall or concert venue, all with perfect equalisation. Soundweb is also able to configure the Auditorium into nine separate zones with independent audio control in each.

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