Jun 01, 2002


SM20 Puts the Zap Into BAP

--Wolfgang Neumann extended an association with Soundcraft boards stretching back more than 20 years, when he purchased a 48-input SM20 touring monitor board to boost the rental stock of his company, Sirius Schalltechnik Service GmbH.

"I was looking for a very small board that was packed with features. The SM20 offered precisely that, and the exceptional price convinced me."

Aside from the compelling price-per-features ratio, Sirius Schalltechnik's monitor engineers immediately praised the desk's ease of use. "They particularly liked the compact nature of the console and the inline BSS Varicurve control section, which is a nice-sounding EQ," states Wolfgang.

Presently out with top German band, BAP (and their monitor engineer Dirk Happel), the SM20 is perfectly suited to deal with the growing trend towards personal in-ear monitoring. "The stereo auxiliaries help a lot - and there are a couple of other useful in-ear features on this board."

Wolgang Neumann's introduction to Soundcraft began in 1980 when he purchased a Series 1. Five years later he was operating an 800B - and then Series 4 FOH and monitor desks. "But we were using a Soundcraft SM12 in recent few years, before moving onto the SM20," he says.

The production company will use it whenever there is a requirement for a large number of inputs, but space is at a premium.

In fact, says Wolfgang, the five-week spring tour with BAP has been so successful that the band have now rented it until September, and will play festivals throughout the summer."

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