Mar 01, 2002

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S/PDIF Output The Key To M Series Success

--Soundcraft largely attribute the success of the Spirit M Series console, introduced 12 months ago, to the provision of the S/PDIF output.

This feature allows the sound engineer to record the band's mix directly to a digital recorder without degradation, without having to disturb existing analogue cabling and without any fuss.

By simply adding a 75-Ohm S/PDIF RCA cable to the output, the engineer is able to send a digital mix of a live performance to portable DAT, minidisc or other digital recorder, leaving the mix output to the PA intact and uninterrupted.

It is also possible to record microphone and instrument signals straight onto the computer, and via the S/PDIF input on the computer's soundcard keep the signals in the digital domain as long as possible.

By connecting to various hard-disk recorders and workstations a high-quality mic preamp and EQ feed can be created direct to the digital inputs.

Displaying Soundcraft's legendary analogue characteristics, the M Series is available in three models. The M4 has four mono inputs and four stereo inputs, the M8 has eight mono inputs and four stereo inputs, while the M12 has 12 mono and four stereo inputs (all models converting from a desktop model to a rackmount version by simple sidecheek removal). All consoles utilise 100mm faders and have peak LEDs on the aux returns for easy signal checking.

The S/PDIF output is a small feature - but one that offers incredible power. And M people everywhere have been quick to latch onto the fact that mixing and recording has never been easier - nor more sonically accurate.

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