Apr 01, 2001

Music Venues

Riverdance Expands With Soundcraft

--The record-breaking Irish dance show RIVERDANCE continues to grow and develop - recent changes to the sound design have made it necessary to expand the show's 64/32 Soundcraft Series FIVE monitor console, adding a supplementary 28-channel extension board.

Sound designer Mick O'Gorman purchased the "stretch" from Soundcraft main dealer Marquee Audio. The company serviced the original desk, at the same time fitting the extra 28-channel sub-board, comprised of 20 loaded channels with eight blanks. This is to accommodate the in-ear monitoring facility that has been introduced to improve the audio environment for the FOH position and the musicians - as well as the attendant instrument mic'ing necessary for foldback.

Marquee's Tim McCall commented, "Adding the sub-board is a fairly straightforward procedure - the method is similar to linking two boards together."

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