Sep 02, 2001


RM1d at IBC

--Soundcraft's digital RM1d will be on display in its 12-fader configuration, specifiable with or without script tray.

The RM1d is already proving a hit with self-op and RSL radio studios. At IBC, Soundcraft is exhibiting the 12-fader version, but RM1d is available in 3 different configurations as standard; 6-fader, 12-fader with script tray and 12 fader without script tray. A pool of digital and analogue inputs are provided, which can then be assigned to faders on the control surface: on the 6-fader frame, there are four mono mic/line inputs with selectable 48V and insert point, two analogue stereo line inputs and four AES/EBU inputs plus 1xS/PDIF input (double the number for the 12-fader version).

There are two AES/EBU and 1x S/PDIF outputs (4x AES and 2x S/PDIF on 12-fader). The clean feed arrangement is particularly flexible, with four analogue clean feed outputs (6x on the 12-fader version) which are mono or stereo linkable. (Spare AES/EBU outputs can be used for Cleanfeeds). There are analogue outputs for Main Programme x2, Aux, PFL, TB, Control Room and Studio Monitors, C/RM, Studio and Guest phones, and four stereo analogue External Monitor Source inputs.

Each input channel has gain trim, 3-band EQ, 2 x mono/1 x stereo Aux send and Pan control, via a central assignable strip. Comprehensive remote machine start interfaces are provided. The compact RM1d has exactly the same footprint as Soundcraft's best-selling on-air radio console, the RM105.

Also on display, Soundcraft's B800 specialist fully-modular broadcast mixer, designed for the varied requirements of OB installations, TV broadcast, and both TV and radio production work. And the Series 15 broadcast audio mixing console, designed for On-Air use and general production in local and national radio stations. A fully modular design in an extremely attractive price:performance package, the Series 15 is available in 16/24/32 module frame sizes, offering as standard 4 stereo groups, insert points and comprehensive monitoring facilities. Mono and stereo inputs, and outputs, are provided in both broadcast and production versions and there is a choice of Stereo Telco Input Modules. More than 35 module options are available.

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