Aug 10, 2005



--Revolver Audio have been providing professional audio production for a variety of clients throughout Sydney and surrounding areas for more than 20 years. Manager Keith Clarkson believes that there are still some people who view Revolver Audio as a company with a lot of older equipment in their fleet; but nothing could be further from the truth. Over the last few years, Revolver have extensively upgraded their audio hire stock — with the help of Jands.

“We’ve recently upgraded all of our drive equipment and we’re now running everything on BSS digital processing,” Keith stated.

Revolver Audio recently purchased the first Soundcraft GB8 console in Australia. The new release Soundcraft GB8 32 channel console was chosen primarily for its dual functionality; it can either be a FOH console or a monitor console. Due to the console’s flexibility and cost effectiveness it is an ideal choice for a small to medium sized event.

“It’s fantastic value for money, a quality desk at a great price with a lot of good features,” commented Keith. “The dual functionality makes it a very flexible console for our hire department. We needed a new compact console, as we do a lot of van-size events, and we’ve always had a good selection of Soundcraft consoles.” Including the new GB8, they now have ten Soundcraft consoles in their inventory.”

In its first few days at Revolver Audio, the console has lived up to its flexibility, acting as a monitor console for Renee Geyer at the Seymour Centre one week and as a FOH console for Kate Ceberano at the Conservatorium the next week.

“For Kate Ceberano we’re also running monitors from FOH as it’s a small, unplugged-style show,” explained Keith. “The console has eight aux mixes so there’s plenty of room to run monitors on the GB8 too. Soundcraft have always delivered good value consoles but recently they have broadened their range offering better quality at a better price.”

Keith is enamoured with his Soundcraft consoles — so much so that he is already considering the latest Soundcraft MH2 console … and it’s not yet available on the Australian market!

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