Nov 29, 2007

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Profi Musik Adds Compact Soundcraft Vi4™ to Rental Fleet

--German audio production company Profi Musik has extended its inventory of digital mixing consoles, purchasing a compact Soundcraft Vi4™.

Supplied by Harman Pro distributors Audio Pro, the desk went straight out onto the Al Jarreau/NDR Big Band European tour where Profi Musik’s Dirk Dechring was handling the FOH mix.

The company’s first experience with the new platform, with its highly-regarded Vistonics™ II interface, was at the Jazz Baltica Festival in Salzau, after the company had been introduced to the larger Soundcraft Vi6™ system during one of Audio Pro’s regular product roadshows.

Dirk Dechring says it took him just half an hour on the console to convince him that this was the control surface he wanted to use on Jazz Baltica. “I had heard all about the exceptional audio quality of the Vi6 and quickly came to the conclusion that an outboard rack, with compressors, filters and effects, was no longer necessary as the onboard filters, dynamics and effects were excellent.”

The sound engineer was able to create the show on his Vi6, store it on a USB stick and then recall it on the Vi4 — making the soundcheck as brief as possible.

“I only needed to set up the PA system with the internal EQ and delay; the subs are generally fed by an Aux, and front fills and delays by the matrix. The outputs are patched on the Local and Stage Rack — so the set-up couldn’t have been easier or more comfortable.”

The Vi4 will provide Profi Musik with an all-purpose desk — offering all the functionality and facilities of the Soundcraft Vi6, but in a smaller, more compact footprint. It offers access to 48 inputs on 24 faders, with a total of 27 output busses available for use as masters, groups, auxes or matrices. All other features of the Soundcraft Vi6 are inherited by the Soundcraft Vi4.

With the Vi4, Profi Musik know they have a platform which will future-proof their sound requirements. “The main attribute is the excellent audio quality, while the intuitive and easy navigation makes it possible to use this desk without reference to the manual and without any experience,” says Dirk. “In other words it is a digital desk to suit working analogue sound engineers.”

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