Jul 07, 2005



--San Diego’s Power Plus Sound & Lighting (PPSL) has increased its inventory of large-format Soundcraft consoles to eight via its recent purchase of two matching 24-channel, four-bus Series FOURs. These desks now complement the SR company’s identical pairs of Soundcraft Series FIVEs (48 ch), FIVE Monitors (44 ch/24 bus) and MH4s (48 ch).

According to PPSL President Lane Rickard, the Series FOURs were purchased primarily for corporate sound reinforcement use. “These consoles are ideally suited for the corporate market,” he says. “Aside from having compact footprints, they pack a lot of horsepower and a ton of outputs, which is really important when you have to send feeds off to green rooms, video facilities, backstage areas, foldback on stage, recording equipment, delay lines, front-fills, and a myriad of other places required by corporate clients.”

“Plus, the performance of our other six Soundcraft desks has been absolutely flawless. We’ve done countless shows with them and none of them have ever spent a day up in Northridge for repair, so that obviously gave us a lot of confidence.”

Rickard additionally cites the outstanding customer support he’s received from the manufacturer as a key reason for his purchase. “I have a lot of respect for Tom Der, Soundcraft USA’s national sales manager. He really understands this industry and how to take care of his dealers, and the relationship that we’ve had with the manufacturer through him has been irreplaceable. To be honest, that level of support can be every bit as important as the product, itself.”

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Soundcraft is a leading British manufacturer of professional mixing consoles and devices for live, broadcast, theatre, recording and DJ markets. The company’s products are distributed in the US by Harman Pro North America (HPNA), which also distributes products for Studer. HPNA is a subsidiary of Harman International Industries.

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