Aug 01, 2000

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Olympic Stadium Installs Soundcraft K3 Theatre

--SYDNEY, Australia -- A 24-channel Soundcraft K3 Theatre console has gone into Sydney’s new Stadium Australia, better known as ‘Olympic Stadium’. Featuring 110,000 seats in its bowl, Stadium Australia is the largest outdoor venue in Olympic history, and will be used to host many of the Games’ most watched events, including the opening and closing ceremonies, men’s soccer final and all track and field events.

The K3 Theatre serves as the heart of the facility’s performance audio system for sports presentation, and is located in the venue’s main audio control room on level five of the western stand, approximately 300 feet up from the track’s finish line. Comprised of 16 mono channels and 8 stereo channels, the console is used in conjunction with numerous playback machines, including MiniDisc, DAT, CD, cassette and tuner, as well as four UHF radio mics and several outboard compressors and effects processors. Monitoring is accomplished via a pair of Spirit Absolute 2s flown above the desk.

Chris Dodds, managing director of The PA People, the Sydney-based systems integrator that provided the installation, comments on the Soundcraft desk: “When you’re dealing with events that utilize playback devices, you need a number of dedicated stereo channels - none of this dual-fader stuff. The K3 is a true presentation console. It is transformer-balanced on the mic ins, which is critical. By definition, a microphone in a stadium comes from a long, long way away”.

Soundcraft, a leading British manufacturer of high-end mixing consoles serving live, broadcast, theatre and recording markets, is distributed in the US by Harman Pro North America, a subsidiary of Harman International.

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