Nov 01, 2001

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Oakville Centre Installs Canada's First Series FOUR

--OAKVILLE, Ontario, Canada -- The first Soundcraft Series FOUR console sold in Canada recently went to the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts. Half an hour's drive southwest of downtown Toronto, the 500-seat proscenium theatre boasts a demanding yearly schedule of over 260 performances encompassing a broad gamut of music, theatre, comedy and dance productions.

The Series FOUR, a 48-mono-channel model with four stereo input channels, is the theatre's latest addition in a complete retrofit of its sound system, which is now also comprised of BSS Soundweb processing, QSC PLX amplification and EV X-Array loudspeakers. The new desk replaces a Soundcraft Venue Theatre and is currently being used to provide FOH mixing for everything from local drama productions to international pop stars like Jann Arden and Colin James.

Joe Henning, the Oakville Centre's technical director, selected the Series FOUR for its combination of stellar features and modest size and weight. "Andrew Moyer, our house engineer, and I seriously considered putting in a Series FIVE, seeing that it's an industry-standard console and a bunch of theatres here in Ontario are using them. However, we really needed a desk with a smaller footprint to minimize seat removal. Also, some artists invariably carry their own production, which means that our console would have to be moved out now and then. The Series FOUR is 125 pounds lighter than a Series FIVE with the same number of channels, making it a much more manageable two-man carry instead of four.

"But despite the dramatic difference in physical size and weight, the Series FOUR is remarkably similar to its big brother. It may have a few less auxes, VCAs and other miscellaneous things, but for our purposes, it will do everything that the FIVE will. In my opinion, there's no other desk on the market that compares to it for the price. It sounds great, is very workable and has all of the features that we wanted - in short, we're ecstatic with it."

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