Oct 22, 2010

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OSA International Adds Three Soundcraft Vi6 Digital Consoles

--One of the top live corporate and integrated solutions providers in the United States, OSA International recently purchased three Soundcraft Vi6 digital consoles to cover a variety of upcoming live sound projects. With goals to increase revenue and ease the hassle of transporting larger production systems, the Vi6 allows OSA to "do more with less."

A long-time user of products across all Harman brands, OSA Senior Engineer Carmen Educate says the Soundcraft Vi6 consoles go hand-in-hand with Harman's reputation for quality and affordability. Educate has worked with the Vi6 in the past for a variety of projects, so he knew the benefits of adding three systems to OSA's arsenal.

"The Vi6 is a great package that is intuitive and easy to use," said Educate. "Plus, the sound quality of the built-in dynamics and Lexicon effects are exceptional."

With the Vi6, OSA provides ultimate value in sound quality and affordability. Whether it's setting up a corporate event or concert, the console's compact size and large amount of inputs allows Educate to bring less equipment, resulting in lower transportation and setup/breakdown costs.

"Soundcraft products are not outrageously priced, but the sound and equipment quality you receive is above and beyond the standard in the industry," continued Educate. "It wasn't even a question of purchasing the board when it came down to it. There are folds of pros that outweighed any of the insignificant cons when choosing to purchase our three new Vi6 consoles."

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