Jun 14, 2005

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--When Ian Croxall bought his Soundcraft Series 1 in 1978, he never dreamed he’d still be using it 25 years later. The console, built into a flightcase (believed to be the first such road-ready design to be produced in volume), has given sterling service for a quarter of a century on numerous live events, being used for recording as well as PA work.

Now Ian has traded his Series 1S in for one of Soundcraft’s new GB4 desks, but only because of the channel count.

“There’s still nothing wrong with the 1S,” reports Ian. “In all that time it’s only ever had two small technical problems, and one of those was a blown fuse! The only reason I’m upgrading is that it has simply run out of channels to handle the sort of work we’re doing these days.”

Ian donated his Series 1S, complete with the original user guide, to Soundcraft, who intend to put it into a classics museum the company is constructing in its newly refurbished Potters Bar headquarters. When he dropped the desk into Soundcraft, Ian toured the new factory and spent some time with Graham Blyth, co-founder of Soundcraft and of course the designer of the Series 1S.

“It was fabulous,” said Ian, “to see the factory in operation manufacturing all the new consoles, and especially fascinating to talk to Graham about how the desk came into being. It was a great day! I’m delighted with the GB4, which still retains the optimum sound performance I’ve always had with Soundcraft.”

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