Jul 01, 2003

Music Venues

New Greek club and TV station opt for Soundcraft desks

--A major new nightclub in Thessaloniki — called ‘Maskes-Live' — has taken delivery of a Soundcraft SM20 and MH4, which were specified and installed by Studio 54, and supplied by Soundcraft's Greek distributor, Bon Studio.

With a capacity of 1,000 people, the live venue — which will specialise in Greek music — is owned by a consortium operating under the name, 2001 Ltd.

Run by Valsamis Berzamanis, Studio 54 is located in Kavala, a city in Northern Greece situated close to Thessaloniki city. They won the contract in view of their size and customer contacts as a PA company in Northern Greece.

Studio 54 favoured Soundcraft because of its international reputation and reliability, specifying a 48-channel MH4 as the front-of-house console and a 40-channel SM-20 as the stage console. "We also run other Soundcraft desks, such as Viennas and K Series, in our rental fleet," said Mr. Berzamanis. "I never have any problems with Soundcraft."

Mixing the sound in ‘Maskes – Live' will be Nicos Artopolous and Mikis Berzamis.

At the same time, a range of Soundcraft desks can be found in one of Athens' leading television stations.

In Jeronymo Groovy — which is essentially a music channel — a 24-channel Soundcraft LX7 console is located in Studio 1 for live broadcast purposes, while two other Soundcraft consoles — an M8 & Folio Notepad — are used for editing purposes and are situated in two different suites.

Currently Jeronymo Groovy is in the process of expanding its activities by building two new editing rooms.

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