Apr 01, 2000

Recording & Remixing

Neil McLellan ‘Xpands’ with Spirit

--A Spirit Digital 328 with the new AES/EBU interface has found pride of place alongside a pair of Spirit Absolute 4P Nearfield Monitors in the programming suite of top producer, engineer and programmer Neil McLellan. Famed for his work with The Prodigy, Erasure and Sasha, Neil’s ability to exceed the demands of his clients using his innovative production techniques has made him one of the most in-demand producers in the UK.

Neil’s Digital 328 is at the heart of his system, which consists of a Digidesign ProTools MixPlus System and 888 I/O interfaces. The Spirit AES/EBU interface was sought after by Neil as the best solution to get the maximum audio quality on the analogue front end of his recording system.

“The flexibility of the system is staggering,” Neil proclaims, “And being able to bounce 24-bit audio through all paths really is a major advantage for me in the pre-production and programming phase”.

Neil has been a Digital 328 user for over a year now, since first encountering the console while mixing ‘Xpander’ at house music legend Sasha’s studio in Henley where linked 328 reside.

“Having never used the desk before the Sasha session I was amazed at how user-friendly it was,” he continues, “That’s normally your first concern when using digital consoles. No such worries here though - I had the desk mastered in an hour. The 328 sounded incredible on the heavy beats and bottom end, which really helped make the track. The high transient top frequencies really cut through with the main hook of the song, and it was really noticeable in the transition to radio”.

Spirit Digital 328 is used by a huge range of artists including Asian Dub Foundation, Sasha, the Lightening Seeds and the Manic Street Preachers.

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