Apr 03, 2001

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Monitoring Toploader with Soundcraft

--Monitor engineer Charlie Bradley has specified a Soundcraft FIVE Monitor for the headline UK tour by Toploader, who will be supporting Robbie Williams this summer.

London rental company Canegreen supplied the PA for the tour, which included three sell-out gigs at the Brixton Academy, providing a EAW 750 rig for Andrew Thornton at front-of-house.

Charlie Bradley, who has mixed monitors for Garbage, the Brand New Heavies and Gary Barlow amongst others, was on his first production tour with the Soundcraft FIVE Monitor. "It is nice to use a dedicated monitor console," he commented, although his main reason for specifying the board was to manage Toploader's in-ear monitoring systems.

"Because we're using IEM, we need more channels on the monitor console. The Soundcraft offers 48 mono channels and 32 outputs, and I've got 19 output mixes. There are three sets of stereo ears on stage, including lead singer Joe Washbourne, and quite a few channels are Y-split for the IEM mixes.

"There are high and low pass filters in the EQ section, which gives me more accurate control over the IEM mixes; it's all about precision and control, and the ability to get the maximum amount of dynamic range into their mix.

"The FIVE Monitor is the best console for in-ear monitoring, because it is purpose-built for the job. It also has features like parametric EQ so I can notch specific frequencies."

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