Apr 11, 2006


Minnesota Production Companies Turn To GB Series

--Larry Fisher of Minneapolis-based retailer Metro Sound & Lighting reports that two local rental production companies – Event Pro and Nite Lites Entertainment – have recently purchased Soundcraft GB Series desks from his company.

“I don’t know what Graham Blyth did on these mic preamps, but they’re amazing!” says Lester Prairie-based Nite Lites Entertainment owner Kevin Latzig of his new 24-channel GB4. “We’ve pushed them to the hilt on lots of different types of shows and they still sound so clean and studio-like. Other than that, the console layout is very straightforward and comfortable – especially seeing that I’ve owned a Spirit 8 and Monitor2 – and having eight auxes is more than sufficient for most productions we do. Soundcraft really did its homework on this desk.”

Neal Wallace at Event Pro in nearby Hastings is equally happy with his new 32-channel GB8, which finds itself equally at home on music festivals, corporate shows, and as a teaching tool for a theatrical sound design class he teaches at Rosemount High School District 196.

“The GB8 is a really nice, user-friendly workhorse for the money,” says Wallace, who still has an old 400B in his console inventory. “It performs great as both a house and monitor board and can easily go from corporate shows to band gigs to drama productions. The GB8’s EQ is quite fast and precise, which I like, and the desk’s compact size, even with the road case, makes it very versatile. It has quickly become the number one rental item in our inventory this year, frequently going out with other production companies.”

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