Oct 01, 2003

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--A Wind of Change Blows Through The Bedford.

Soundcraft supported a unique showcase event at The Bedford in Balham, London recently when Scorpions guitar legend Uli Jon Roth performed his new album Metamorphosis of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in the venue’s Shakespearean Globe Theatre.

Appearing before an invited audience of 140 - with his 11-piece Sky Orchestra looking like they had migrated from the cast of a BBC costume drama - it enabled the event to be filmed for a forthcoming DVD to support the album.

The event also provided a break from the normal ‘@coustix’ Wednesday night new talent sessions for promoter, Tony Moore (of Kashmir Klub fame).

The former Cutting Crew keyboard player has a long history with Soundcraft, who provided a 24-channel MH4 to Roth’s sound engineer Martin Leissner to mix the show - which also incorporated a new Sky guitar concerto.

Leissner has been working with the Scorpions legend since the year 2000 - but with Soundcraft boards for a lot longer than that, recalling that his induction had been on a vintage 800B.

The sound engineer had also mixed Roth’s Metamorphosis album (for SPV Records) at the latter’s Sky Studio in Aberystwyth.

"My first show with Uli was with the big orchestra production requiring 80 channels - so I was thrown right in at the deep end," he recalls.

The Balham show required a good deal less, with the orchestra, augmented by DAT and CD backing track, taking up around 18 inputs on the desk. "It’s a very easy desk to use, with a good feel to it," appraised Leissner, who had little need for his outboard processing, relying instead on the natural characteristics of the beautifully authentic room.

The MH4 can be used for FOH, monitors (or monitors from FOH), with a brand new bussing system that gives maximum flexibility, whilst retaining the Soundcraft principles of intuitive operation. New mic pre and EQ designs give the console true 21st-century performance.

As for Tony Moore, he is thoroughly enjoying his time south of the river while the Kashmir Klub awaits its much-anticipated relocation to exciting new premises. In the meantime he had been approached by The Bedford, and arrived at the venue two months ago to revitalise the music policy.

The idea of promoting a full orchestral production of Metamorphosis in the Shakespearean Globe took root when the guitarist performed a small show at the venue a couple of months earlier. "I came on board to organise the logistics and stage it, and tonight has given us the chance to flex our creative muscle. It was a dream gig.

"A number of suppliers have gone the extra mile to help us out - and we couldn’t be more delighted with the Soundcraft desk," he remarked.

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