Jun 03, 2005



--From its humble beginnings in 1987, Sure Shot Transmissions, Inc., has grown to become one of the Midwest's leading mobile uplink, downlink and production services companies.

With seven fully redundant Ku-Band transportables and two C-Band units already in its fleet, Sure Shot has now also put the finishing touches on its new mid-market digital production/uplink truck, the 40-foot, Gerling-built Kelsey Marie, which is now home to a new Soundcraft MH4 audio mixing desk.

Featuring 40 mono channels plus four stereo inputs, the MH4 was chosen by Sure Shot Director of Engineering Tim Dailey, who consulted with Mark Sarantakos of Chicago's MTS Systems on the decision. "We have a 16-channel Soundcraft K1 in one of our older units that has treated us pretty well over the years," says Dailey. "But the scale of the Kelsey Marie dictated that we needed a larger and more fully-featured console. The MH4's extensive 20x8 matrix really appealed to us, as did the eight VCA groups and overall programmableness of the board. Plus, physical size is always an important concern when talking about equipping a mobile unit like this, and the MH4 allowed us to get a lot of console into a relatively small area."

Since the console went in, the eight-camera Kelsey Marie has remained busy on numerous projects throughout North America, covering everything from professional baseball, horse racing, college and high school sports, corporate and community functions, and other live events.

"Every audio guy that uses the MH4 raves about it; we've not heard a single complaint," Daily adds. "In fact, the primary engineer who runs it most of the time always tells me that it's very easy to use and never the cause of any headaches. Again, it's more than enough console for that size of truck and was definitely a good choice for us."

Aside from the MH4, the Kelsey Marie's audio room is equipped with two Digicart II audio disk recorders, a Concerto 32x32 stereo router, two Parabolic big ears, nearfield monitors, a CD/cassette deck and full compliment of microphones, headsets, and announcer boxes.

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