Feb 12, 2004



--Soundcraft's MH3 console design is proving popular with customers from very different sectors of the pro-audio market, according to Lars Christensen of MIA (Music Industri & Audio ApS), Soundcraft's distributor in Denmark.

The Concert Hall Aarhus is an elegant and functional building designed by architects Kjær & Richter. Situated in the centre of Aarhus, the venue is famous for its acoustics, beautiful auditoriums and its magnificent glass-covered foyer, where sunlight, palms and old olive trees create a very special ambience.

The Aarhus Concert Hall has added a new 40-channel Soundcraft MH3 to its inventory, to be used primarily for live events on a new stage in the foyer area. Aarhus Concert Hall already has a fleet of Soundcraft desks, including Vienna II, K-3, K-1 and SM20 consoles, to service the wide variety of live music events staged in this, one of Denmark's premier cultural showcases.

Euro Broadcast Hire, part of the Egmont Group, has purchased a 60-channel Soundcraft MH3 console for installation into a new outside broadcast vehicle that will mainly be used for live broadcast of large sports events.

Already a large Soundcraft user with an inventory that includes three Europa consoles and a Vienna II, EBH is one of Denmark's leading independent hire companies dealing in broadcast equipment supply to all the major TV broadcasters including Denmarks Radio, TV2,Viasat TV3, and TV Danmark.

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