May 17, 2006



--The Soundcraft range of MH desks has been widely adopted over recent years in South Africa, with companies deploying them for use in installed applications, such as theatres, as well as for live touring sound.
The list of MH users, in particular, is rapidly expanding, and the latest to add its name is MGG Productions, who have purchased a Soundcraft MH3 32ch console from distributors Wild and Marr.

Formed in 2000, MGG primarily supplies technical services and equipment for events and productions in the fields of sound, lighting and video — but in this short period the company has put together a large inventory of equipment.

Having expanded rapidly, MGG found a growing requirement for a FOH desk to meet demands of larger events, and enable them to supply a FOH solution to complement their new JBL VRX PA.

“Having enough channels on a desk is essential, and was one of the considerations for MGG,” said proprietor, Mark Gaylard, who will use the MH3 as both a FOH and monitor desk.

Mark was also particularly attracted by the robust reliability of the desk and the multitude of routing options. He pointed out that the desk would lend itself to many applications, from concerts to the corporate market. However, he is most pleased with the great-sounding and easy-to-use EQ section.

In fact he is so delighted with the purchase, he has already given thought to purchasing an MH2 for monitor duties.

Mark is also quick to credit Wild and Marr sales consultant Justin Mamulis, who offered all the necessary advice, support and service.

In summary Mark Gaylard exclaimed, “On a clear hot Friday afternoon, after weighing up the pros and cons, I realised that we would not be able to purchase another console in that price range that could offer us what the MH3 can. I made up my mind on the spot on which desk to choose, and which direction to go, and have not looked back since.”

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