May 19, 2005



--Great sound equipment has a very low noise floor so that the audience can effortlessly enjoy the music and understand the voice with no superfluous buzz or hum. A parallel can be made with Melbourne-based McLean Audio; they are quiet achievers who leave the limelight for the artists and producers whilst consistently providing quality audio production.

Quietly and steadily McLean’s have been adding to their inventory by purchasing a variety of excellent audio products from Jands including a Soundcraft MH4 large format console which was used most recently on the Logie Awards, an annual event for McLeans and their broadcast friends. This adds to a Soundcraft MH3 purchased recently and updates the analogue console stable to the latest clean front-end consoles with automation features.

“The MH4 front end was extremely quiet and the EQ is very musical so I didn’t need to use much,” said Paul Mossop, the sound operator for the Logies. “It’s a nice addition to the equipment here at McLeans.” The dual configuration busses mean you can reach the whole board from a seated position, which is a plus for a long broadcast show such as the Logies. The console has excellent headroom characteristics and performed faultlessly.”

“The Soundcraft MH3 was the house mix console for the showcase venue of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival; the Melbourne Town Hall main auditorium.” said Richard Bilinski, managing director of McLean Audio.

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