Dec 17, 2007

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Lydrommet's Soundcraft Success Shows No Limits

--With two Soundcraft Vi6’s currently in use with Turbonegro, who have been supporting Marilyn Manson on a European tour, the company’s Norwegian distributors LydRommet have made a stellar start to marketing the console manufacturer’s digital platform.

In little more than a year they have 14 x Soundcraft Vi6™ and four compact Soundcraft Vi4™ consoles operating in the field, an amazing achievement for a country of under five million people.

Says LydRommet sales manager, Flemming Bjerke, “From our point of view it was important to be involved at an early stage. We were part of the original discussion group when the Vi6 was being planned, and to have part of that ownership makes us proud. Also, as one of the beta-testers we are pleased to say that from a user perspective the desk has been stable from Day One.”

Flemming’s colleague and PA sales manager, Espen Andersen, added, “The single most important aspect of the Vi6 is the sound quality. People love how it sounds, also its ease of use and operation. You can walk up to it and it makes sense immediately.”

Espen attributes his company’s extraordinary sales record to the fact that he permanently has a demo console out on the road — and is regularly touring it personally, as a bona fide sound engineer. “The first thing I did after we took delivery of the console in August last year was take it on tour — enabling many leading sound engineers to see it operating in a real world situation.”

It wasn’t long before two of Norway’s finest — Turbonegro’s long-serving FOH man Lars Voldsdal and monitor engineer, Ingve Sand, got their hands on it.

Lars, who says he has never looked at the manual, was introduced to the surface by Espen Andersen and the first time he used it was in the UK, mixing the sound for New York band, Taking Back Sunday. “That was my first time — and now it’s top-listed on my tour rider.”

Ingve first saw the Vi6 on an event where Espen was the house monitor engineer, and used it for the first time on the VG Top 20 Festival in Oslo. “It’s easy to use and is almost like working on an analogue desk,” he observes.

Both engineers know they will get 24/7 support from Espen — and that adds value, they say. The LydRommet man, in turn has ensured that the Turbonegro desks are loaded with the new Soundcraft V2.0 operating software, and the enhanced Copy & Paste facility is proving extremely popular with the sound engineers.

In fact both men, who also double up with another leading Norwegian band Madrugada, couldn’t be more positive.

Both love the sound, and the intuitive Vistonics™ II interface. “Everything is right there in front of you — and you can work just as you would on an analogue console.”

Lars also loves the sound of the Lexicon reverbs — and on this tour is using no fewer than five to process a band, whose music is described as ‘death-punk’; other than distortion on a couple of songs and a distresser on the lead singer all his sound FX are inline.

Finally, he praises the PPM-style input meters which make the rapid response and monitoring similar to that of an analogue console.

Summarising, Espen Andersen says, “Everyone has been very positive about the Vi6. Having a fully-redundant, sonically-excellent and simple-to-navigate desk — with the facility to log in to us 24 hours of the day for support — is giving more and more people the confidence to use it.”

And Karl Chapman, Soundcraft European sales manager, adds. “LydRommet remain an outstanding distributor for Soundcraft. Although the Vi Series offers many advantages over its competitors this success would not be possible without the support, expertise and dedication that LydRommet offers the customer.”

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