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Dec 03, 2014

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Long Island's Vavoom and Breakdown Go Digital With Soundcraft Si Expression 1

LONG ISLAND, New York, USALooking for a compact audio console with value, Steve Jaworowski recently acquired a HARMAN's Soundcraft Si Expression 1 digital console for his classic rock band Vavoom and Tom Petty tribute band Breakdown, both of which play in nightclubs and pubs throughout Long Island. As his first Soundcraft console, Jaworowski is extremely pleased that his new setup not only fits the budget, but also exceeds expectations.

Throughout their history, Vavoom and Breakdown relied on analog consoles. Upgrading to the Si Expression 1 console allowed the band members to transport less outboard equipment from venue to venue.

"Compared to my previous consoles, where the quality varied greatly, the Soundcraft console is awesome," said Jaworowski. "At first I was a little nervous about the motorized faders, but everything worked out perfectly, and I like all the features that come with this board. For example, I really like the Soundcraft FaderGlow lighting when mixing in the dark. Choosing the Si Expression 1 was not a hard decision, because there weren't too many boards in this price range with all the features that I want."

As an experienced engineer/musician, Jaworowski also likes to use the Soundcraft ViSi Remote 2.1 iPad app to set up sound within the audience for sound checks, eliminating the need for transitioning on and off the stage. The full band mix consists of one house and two monitor mixes, which Jaworowski is now able to control from the same console.

"It's great that I can do everything from the Si Expression 1," said Jaworowski. "The board is convenient, but also powerful. The four FX processors are nice, individual channel EQ is good, plus I can find everything on the board quickly, so the learning curve wasn't too bad. Not only does the band like it, but people from every venue now prefer it if we manage our own sound."

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