Aug 23, 2007

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Kasabian Rock The Soundcraft Vi6™

--Indie rock/electronic fusioneers Kasabian have been hitting the UK festival circuit this Summer, performing tracks from last year's album Empire and from their forthcoming Fast Fuse EP at gatherings from the Isle of Wight (June's eponymous festival) to Scotland (July's T In The Park) and London (Apple's iTunes festival at the ICA) with dates at Glastonbury and Romania's B'estival in between.

Accompanying them throughout this busy period is freelance live monitor engineer Yogi, who has chosen to mix all of the band's onstage monitor feeds on a Soundcraft Vi6 digital console supplied by Soundcraft's British distributor, Harman Pro UK. "Kasabian's tour manager Pete Gunn asked me to look after the monitors on these dates," explains Yogi, "but the choice of monitor mixer was left up to me. I'd seen a demo of the Vi6 before and wanted to use it on this job. The ergonomics are superb — I love the Studer-designed user interface and it gives me a crisp, clean sound. There's a lot involved in the live monitoring for Kasabian — there are up to seven players on stage at any one time, and there are a total of 17 different monitor mixes that need to be routed to the band. Ian Matthews, the drummer, is sent five different mixes in the course of a show, there are effects returns and feeds from a hard disk recorder that provides some non-played sound effects for the backing tracks, and there's a trumpet player who needs a dedicated feed for his in-ear monitors. So there's a lot to do and it would be easy to get confused, especially when the band are playing at a festival and need to be setting up while the previous act are still on stage. But with the Vi6, I just recall all their stored settings and routings, and suddenly everything I need for the whole gig is laid out on the console in front of me."

Yogi is continuing to use the Vi6 on Kasabian's forthcoming dates at the V Festival in Staffordshire and Chelmsford, Essex, on August 18th and 19th.

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