Jul 18, 2007

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KOKO Order a Soundcraft Double

--Harman Pro UK, British distributors for the Harman Group of pro audio, live sound and installation audio manufacturing companies, have recently supplied two Soundcraft Vi6™ digital mixing consoles to Camden-based electrical contractors RAG Support Ltd for installation at KOKO, North London's renowned live music venue. One of the Vi6 desks is used as the mixer for the on-stage monitoring, the other as the main front-of-house desk. The installation completes RAG Support’s refit of KOKO's new sound system, which was designed by Harman Pro UK’s engineers and which RAG Support have been putting together at the venue over the last few months.

Tim Hamper, Front-Of-House Engineer at KOKO, is pleased with the new arrivals. "It's great to finally have our two Vi6 desks permanently installed here. Harman Pro UK have been closely involved with the design of the refit at KOKO from the outset, and so we were offered a Vi6 when it was still in development. We were wary at first. A lot of manufacturers have made mistakes with digital consoles in the live sound market in the past; many of them seemed to be designed more for studio-based use than for live applications, with too many nested menu control options and confusing user interfaces. But when Adlib Audio said they were using a Vi6 as a live FOH console last Summer, we decided we wanted to have a look at it. And shortly after that, the Scissor Sisters, who were using Adlib, played here, and bought their Vi6 with them. By then it was pretty much finished, and it won us over fast. It sounds really good, you've got access to 32 faders at all times without having to repatch anything, and there's no menu surfing for important functions when you need to turn something down fast! We've had a test desk in as the FOH console here for months and it's been easy to learn and easy to train people on — you can see them approaching it looking worried, and ten minutes later, they're up and running on it.

"I sometimes get stick from people I know who work at other venues who say, 'Oh, everything at KOKO is Harman gear, you're a Harman venue, you'll say good things about anything they sell',” he concludes, “but the truth is, this is a great-sounding, easy-to-use desk. And Harman Pro UK have been really, really good to us — how many other venues can say that about their equipment suppliers?"

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