Mar 08, 2004

Touring & Corporate


--Two Soundcraft MH3 mixing consoles and BSS 9088 Soundwebs have entered the big top … detailed to run the audio for the Swiss National Circus, as part of a 100% Harman Pro system installation.

The Knie Dynasty, which has been in existence for over 200 years — touring as the Swiss National Circus since 1918 — decided to replace their entire audio system with a complete Harman Pro solution.

Uniquely, the Knie family opted for a premium VerTec Line Array system to fill the 3,000-capacity big-top.

Supplied by Swiss distributors Dr. W.A. Günther, the music and playback system comprises 12 x JBL VerTec VT 4887, underpinned by three JBL CSR82 subs — all powered by Crown MacroTech.

The vocal system and delays are carried by ten JBL AE AC2212 powered by Crown XS, while the brace of BSS Soundweb 9088 DSP devices store the crossover and EQ gain settings as presets, and handle the signal routing.

The mixing consoles are equally highly specified with a 32-channel Soundcraft MH3 multi-mode desk in the front of house position and a 24-input chassis at the stage end.

The Knie Circus stages on average 358 presentations across 240 days in 47 different towns during the course of a year. Total build time for the big top (and creation of the technical infrastructure) is five hours.

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