May 02, 2006

Touring & Corporate


--During their recent show in Alsace, in the East of France, a 40-channel Soundcraft MH3 was successfully used to manage the monitors for the famous French rock band Mickey 3D.

The desk, owned by the French company Lagoona, was supplied to Produc’son, who were in charge of the complete sound and lighting installation for the event.

The MH3 is one of the technical team’s preferred products. As a result, Produc’son are already planning to purchase a Soundcraft MH3 in their own right, as the console is purpose-designed for both monitor and FOH mixing operation.

One of the team’s technicians, Matthieu Gieger, speaks particularly highly of the MH3’s attributes. “I really think the MH3 offers all the tools for efficient management of the monitoring as well as the FOH mix, with enough channel headroom and equalisation, a VCA operation with an intuitive assign mode and a Master L/C/R that allows the management of a central cluster — something that is being used more and more to provide homogeneous coverage in concert halls and festivals.

“When I use the MH3 in monitor mode, I appreciate having the two first stereo auxes, which is entirely in line with the artist’s demand for systematic in-ear monitoring.

“Having personally used this desk on several occasions, it really came into its own during the monitor mix for Matmatah, and particularly with the Brazilian musician Marcio Faraco, who was very demanding on the mix quality.”

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