Mar 01, 2003

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Harman Roadshow 2003

--Denver, Colorado. February 6th is definitely a date that will be remembered in Denver. The Harman Road Show 2003 came in and took over The Gothic Theatre offering a full day of presentations and demonstrations to the area's audio engineers, dealers and audio consultants. Over 100 people came to the show along with over 20 people representing Harman's Road Crew and HP Marketing's Sales Reps. Feedback from dealers and consultants included:

"Thank you for the effort that you and HP marketing put forth to put onthe Harman Road Show to Denver. It was time well spent for me, I learnedmuch about the Harman products (which I already thought I new much about).I think the road show is a great forum (vs. a trade show) to learn aboutnew products; I especially liked the ability to get some hands-on time onthe MH4 with an expert and not 100 other people in a booth clamoring forhis attention." Kevin Zolitor, Medialogix.

"No Rep Firm has put on such a great event ever... you guys out did yourself." Bill Rollin, Listen Up

"Man... this is a lot better than what I expected. You guys did a great job." Jerry Neuschwanger, Musicworks

"Thanks a lot. We appreciate the invite and thought this was great!" David Drommond, Sound Design International

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