Feb 01, 2001


Hairy Cornflake At Home With Soundcraft

--One of best-known radio presenters of the modern era, Dave Lee Travis scaled giddy heights in British broadcasting, achieving record-breaking audiences of 15 million before a loss of faith in new management provoked his dramatic on-air resignation from BBC Radio One.

That was the early 90s. Today DLT can be found on Classic Gold, a network of 18 stations located around the UK, where he presents the morning show.

DLT has taken advantage of the advent of new compact and affordable broadcast equipment, notably the Soundcraft Series 15 audio console, to build his own production studio at home. Deep in the Hertfordshire countryside, DLT’s studio has the highest professional specification, enabling him to broadcast live anywhere in the world via an ISDN link-up.

“The studio was completed a month ago,” says DLT, “so at present, I am only using it for my own production purposes. I have a lot of editing to do for my shows, and, given the fact that interviews can now be done on the phone using an ISDN line, I felt it was time to set up a studio situation that was under my control, so I don’t have to rush around booking engineers and studio time whenever I have an idea.”

Built by Studio Schemes Ltd, the studio is fully sound-proofed, complete with custom-built furniture and air-conditioning; including the equipment, it has been put together for an approximate cost of £20,000.

“Although I don’t currently broadcast from here, I have got the capability to do a complete radio show. I chose the Series 15 as my console because I’d been using one of Soundcraft’s desks for the last 18 months, and it really took a hammering! The Series 15 does exactly what it needs to do, and it does it very well. Its intuitive layout means that I hardly have to think about its operation, rather like driving a car,, and, if the desk allows me to concentrate on my work without getting in my way, then it is doing its job.”

Currently preparing for new broadcasting commitments which will replace his 21-year contract with the BBC World Service, DLT is still happy to travel to work in the mornings. “However, given the relative ease with which one can build a studio of this standard, I wouldn’t be surprised if, at some point in the future, all the well-known broadcasters will be working from home or a remote location.”

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