Oct 01, 2012


Soundcraft Si Performer Console Provides an Enlightened Option for Rental and Staging Companies

POTTERS BAR, United KingdomFor rental and staging companies, product performance and ease of use are the keys to customer satisfaction. With the new Si Performer console from HARMAN's Soundcraft—the first audio console ever with integrated lighting control—rental system providers can elevate their services to a new level of performance with one desk, one interface, and support from a single manufacturer.

It takes something completely different to make a digital audio console stand out from the crowd, but Soundcraft has done exactly that with its Soundcraft Si Performer range of mixers, which, thanks to the integrated DMX functionality, adds lighting control options to an already impressive and powerful audio feature set.

"At Soundcraft, we work very closely with our customers in the rental and staging market, and are always committed to identifying and meeting their business needs, not the least of which includes unique innovations, reliable and high-quality performance, ease of use and strong customer support," said Keith Watson, Marketing Director, Mixing, HARMAN Professional. "The Si Performer not only dramatically simplifies the tasks of audio and lighting control by integrating the two mediums into one simple-to-operate user-interface, but also enables the engineer to link functions across both lighting and audio worlds, for instance cues, saving time and improving workflow and the end result. The Si Performer builds on the unmatched sound quality for which Soundcraft is known, and offers a compact desk that is significantly more affordable than the combined costs of owning, transporting and operating separate audio and lighting consoles."

The Si Performer has an input capacity of 80 audio inputs to mix on all models. The built-in I/O does not disappoint: Si Performer 2 with 24 mic and eight line inputs, and the Si Performer 3 with 32 mic and eight line inputs, plus the four FX return channels. The provision of two option card slots allows I/O expansion via any of the Soundcraft stageboxes and option cards from the Soundcraft ViSi Connect range, giving the possibility of patching up to 80 inputs to mix, or from CobraNet, AVIOM or AES inputs via the appropriate cards.

The unique integration of a DMX512 port offers core lighting control. The first release of software provides four scene masters (A-D) with associated slave channels on the ALT fader layers, individual colour intensities or parameters are set on the slave faders with an overall master level fader, which itself may be assigned to any of the main fader layers for simultaneous access to audio and lighting levels. To automate the process, DMX settings may be stored alongside audio settings in the snapshot system, so both may be recalled automatically by a single button press or via an external MIDI command. With selective isolation, snapshots with just audio or lighting parameter changes may be recalled.

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