Jun 08, 2004

Sports Venue


--Being the first, independent school specialising in sports to be built under the auspices of the Ministry of Community Development and Sports, the Singapore Sports School aims to cater to student athletes who want to excel both in sports and studies. The seven-hectare school is a co-educational and residential boarding school that offers top-class facilities, training and full sports science support.

AUP Consultants were appointed to design the new sound reinforcement needed for the 700-seater indoor auditorium and Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd (E&E Pte Ltd) was awarded the tender to install the system based on a design-build specification. Aside from the general use of the facility for indoor games such as basketball and badminton, the hall is also used for musical performance as it features a large theatrical stage with proscenium, curtains and lighting. A grandstand ring balcony is also needed to be adequately covered. The limitations posed to E&E Pte Ltd with installing the auditorium’s sound reinforcement system were to take into consideration its size, architectural restrictions and surrounding walls.

As such, the project team of E&E Pte Ltd designed the installation by dividing the system into three JBL Application Engineered (AE) speaker clusters for the front-of-house system, with a delay ring for the balcony. The centre cluster was mounted inside the proscenium behind an acoustic scrim, and consist of two JBL AM4215/64 two way 15” top-fill and two AM4215/95 down-fill, whereas the left and right clusters suspended side of stage, comprised of two AM4215/64 top-fill, two AM4215/95 down-fill with an ASB 6128 double 18” 2000W subwoofer at the top of the cluster. With that in place, audience will be able to enjoy speech audibility and clarity from the extended range speaker system in the auditorium.

The semi-circle balcony grandstand was covered by a delay ring of seven units of JBL AE Series AC2212/95 compact 12” 2-way boxes, also from the Application Engineered series. These speakers provided the delay reinforcement to the balcony.

The system is managed by a BSS Soundweb system, with discreet processing for each cabinet. With 24 outputs required from the proprietary speaker management system Soundweb was chosen for its expandability. Using a combination of 9088ii’s and 9008ii’s, Soundweb boxes formed an 8 x 24 matrix system and this provided all the EQ, delay and protection for the system. Crown CE series amplifiers are used, with 12 units of CE2000 for the two-way cabinets and two units of CE4000 for the subwoofers.

Stage monitors (JBL MP415) are processed using dbx DriveRack PA loudspeaker controllers, providing equalisation, limiting and most importantly Automatic Feedback Suppression (AFS) for the stage monitors.

A Soundcraft Spirit Live 8 32-channel mixer is provided for performances, and JBL LSR25P self powered near field monitors are wall mounted in the control room.

The result is a concert grade system without compromise, and sufficient power in reserve to cater for absolutely all music and performance types, at a price which satisfied the budget.

“We are very pleased that we had the opportunity to work with Singapore Sports School & AUP Consultants, to provide the ground for breeding national sports excellence,” says Mr. Goh of E&E Pte Ltd.

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