Jan 10, 2004

Product Info

GigRac: Great Sound Made Easy by Soundcraft

--Soundcraft have perfected a really easy way to make great live sound, by introducing the new integrated mixer/amplifier GigRac.

Whether a solo performer or member of a small band, musicians will appreciate not only GigRac’s cool, stylish looks, but also its portability, and the ease with which microphones, instruments and loudspeakers can be connected, to deliver a punchy performance every time.

GigRac inherits the legendary Soundcraft quality, derived from 30 years of designing and building live sound mixing consoles for many of the world’s top tours and festivals.

GigRac makes setting up a PA easy, with just mics, speakers and cables required to complete the system. Everything else is provided … from high-quality mic preamps for clear and effective vocals, a great sounding 2-band EQ to cope with demanding sources, a 7-band graphic EQ designed by professional audio industry leaders BSS Audio, and a selection of preset digital effects for a memorable stage presence. And it’s all contained in a drop dead gorgeous package that can be carried over the shoulder.

GigRac 300’s integrated 300W power amp is designed to drive the main speakers while GigRac 600’s 2 x 300W amplifiers will not only power the main PA — but a set of stage monitor speakers as well.

Matched to either EON 1500 or Soundfactor speakers from Soundcraft’s sister company JBL, a great sounding and powerful PA solution is easy to achieve.

Gear transportation to the gig also becomes far easier than carrying an armful of mixers, amplifiers and equalisers. The lid of GigRac’s road-toughened case is intelligently designed to stow microphones and cables so that everything is easily transportable and kept safe.

For fixed installations, the GigRac can be removed from its case as a single unit and rackmounted, taking up just 4U of rack space.

GigRac is the ideal mixer/amp combo for solo performers, duos, small bands, public speakers, schools, churches, AV presentations and fitness studios.

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